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  • Find my Location Rules

    Find my Location Rules

    Hello, members of The Lost Souls, When Ishtar is out and about, traveling around a Quadrant, she may get a selfie taken, only to share her photo with you folks out there. The fun is, you have to find her location, In fact, that could be anywhere in the Alpha, Beta, Delta or even the Gama Quadrant. This is what you have to find out. It may be a mission location or an area you can just go to. All these locations will be accessible.

    To enter the fun, register here

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  • Members Ranking Pips

    Members Ranking Pips

    We have added some ranks to our website, from Ensign to Captain for registered members. Therefore, if your an admin or a contributor
    to Dudedawg, then a different selection will be assigned. Any questions, please reply to this post


    Lieutenant Junior Grade


    Lieutenant Commander


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  • Recruitment opportunities

    Recruitment opportunities

    Recruiting is a vital part of creating a fleet and even more so to keep it alive. Recruiting not only brings our personnel numbers up, but it also brings fresh and new ideas on how things could be done. With that being said, The Lost Souls Armada is currently looking to appoint a current member of the fleet to the position of Chief Recruiting Officer. Duties of this position include, but are not limited to: actively recruiting new members, welcoming new recruits, USING AND DEMONSTRATING voice chat,...
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  • Purge 2018

    Purge 2018

    All Lost Souls Armada Personnel, As you may be aware, the main fleet is becoming more active. While The Lost Souls Armada is proud to see new players join and old players return, we must also strive to maintain a healthy roster of active players. With that being said, within next month, The Lost Souls Collective will initiate a roster purge to get us back into being a more active and engaging fleet. The criteria for the purge are as follows: - Any character that has been inactive for...
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