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The Galaxy Folds Again: quick physical update as reviewers receive reinforced remake recently rebuffed regarding relapsed refuge


  • The Galaxy Folds Again: quick physical update as reviewers receive reinforced remake recently rebuffed regarding relapsed refuge

    now 50% more dirty-hands-linty-pockets-proof


    source: MKBHD


    • that thin layer that appeared to be a screen protector but is actually part of the display that might have been peeled off by some people; that's now extended all the way into the edges, and it's tucked underneath the display bezel right at the corners and the side, so not only you don't mistake it as a screen protector and try to peel it, but you physically can't, so that's good.
    • they've added these T-shaped tabs, at the top and the bottom of the display right at the hinge to prevent any dust or debris from basically getting into the hinge itself
    • the gap the hinge makes when the phone is closed is a little bit smaller, so you can see it still crack in the middle, but just barely
    • the hinge mechanism itself is a little more firm, and I realised this comparison means pretty much nothing to anyone because almost nobody has felt the hinge of the original galaxy fold, but I am noticing it has a more firm snap to placing it flat, and then unsnapping it from flat. (...) there's a new warning on the screen during the setup process that includes a warning to avoid pressing the screen hard, because it's still true that if you dig your fingernails into the plastic or accidentally scratch the protective layer at the top, or even just press it way too hard, you can actually damage the galaxy fold.


    old text
    • the protective layer now goes under the bezels, to prevent self-peeling and subsequently user-urge-to-peel
    • the corners of the hinge are now covered to prevent ingress (the verge had a bit of putty go in underneath the screen previously)
    • the spine of the hinge has a thinner gap now, although time will tell if the chassis covers would still give way
    • the overall folding action is now stiffer. the side effect being users need to apply more force to disengage the flattened-out position, which means more force being applied to the screen


    there're still more to make folding screens be a viable thing (c'mon small-radius gorilla glass and compliant-mechanism unibody hinge-chassis), but otherwise i think it's now something that might survive longer if it's well babied


    cool. can't wait to try it out in stores and not buy one


    EDIT: for what it's worth, notice how Dave closes his Fold ._.


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