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Google has just ruined Google Images.


  • Google has just ruined Google Images.

    Today Google has officially rolled out their new UI for world's known Google Images search engine which has brought a key change to how image previews are handled:


    If you’re browsing Google Image search results today, you might notice a new interface element: A sticky side panel that displays any images you click on, providing a closer look at the specific image you want to see, including related images, additional info like ratings, price and in-stock status, ingredients and cooking times, depending on whether you’re searching for products, recipes or something else.


    The new sidebar replaces a full-width, in-column interface element, with the advantage that the new interface allows you to continue to browse the image result thumbnails returned on the left. Clicking on any other images will replace the one in the sidebar, but you can easily navigate back and forth with your browser’s built-in navigation features, or you can page through the results in sequence using the right and left arrow keys.



    Old Style on spoiler for reference:



    While Google's intentions are good this change has already received an overwhelming amount of negative feedback and complains specially at Google Help Forums, lots of users have been criticizing this change as it makes using Google Images an worse experience from the previous UI design with many claiming Google should revert this change or allow the user to opt for which way they prefer.


    People also have been requesting Firefox and Chrome extensions that can "revive" the old design where the image opens entirely at the bottom.


    Myself on a personal note would like to point out that I also dislike this new design decision and I would much prefer to go back to the older one, genuinely considering DuckDuckGo for image searches until an alternative's met.



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