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  • Purge 2018

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    All Lost Souls Armada Personnel, As you may be aware, the main fleet is becoming more active. While The Lost Souls Armada is proud to see new players join and old players return, we must also strive to maintain a healthy roster of active players. With that being said, within next month, The Lost Souls Collective will initiate a roster purge to get us back into being a more active and engaging fleet. The criteria for the purge are as follows: - Any character that has been inactive for 6 or more months - Any character that has not made more than 5000 in fleet credit contributions - Any character that is at or below the rank of Junior Officer in the fleet ALL criteria must be met for any player to be considered for purging from the fleet. If you find that you have been removed from The Lost Souls Armada and would like to rejoin, talk to us on Discord: or reply to this message and I will re-invite. Please do not feel alarmed when you see large amounts of fleet messages saying, a user has left The Lost Souls. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of us listed below.
    The purging will take place starting on the 1st of May, 2019
    Ishtar@Dudicrous, Fleet Admiral Vice Chief of Armada Operations
    The Lost Souls Armada
    The Lost Souls Chief of Fleet Operations
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