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GN special report on the state of PC Hardware Manufacturing (H1 2020)


  • GN special report on the state of PC Hardware Manufacturing (H1 2020)

    The Lawyers Made Me Mention This: General discussion and chat related to COVID-19 are to be made in the official C19 thread





    When we left for Taiwan, the situation was only just developing in the US, and Taiwan had things very controlled, and still does. But things changed drastically in the West during the two weeks we were in Taiwan.

    We spent some time gathering information on the ground as the situation developed, and learned that human malware has cost the industry millions and motherboards and video card production alone, and that's just the board partners.

    source: Gamersnexus

    in which Steve talks about:
    • production and schedule delays; factories stopping work due to quarantine or stay-home orders
      • timestamp 3:38
      • primarily return staffing issues across the manufacturing chain
      • a few companies who has factories both in mainland china (large volume production) and taiwan (high-end product production) had to shift manufacturing back to taiwan
      • border immigration restrictions affected multinational design teams, especially when task requires attendance in-person 
    • journalism and product visibility downturn
      • timestamp 10:18
      • "one of the two CPU companies" had a press and industry day slated for march cancelled (gee i wonder which)
      • Computex has a high chance of cancellation or postponement

        (subject to organiser's discretion after industry advice, although announcement might be a lot closer to the wire since the organisers are part of the national tourism council)
    • consumer purchasing rush in context to PC hardware
      • timestamp 16:56
      • general advice to only buy parts when needed should hold first regardless of period and climate
      • personal finance should come foremost before a gaming PC

    it's been a slow 2020 so far ,_, and judging by the current situation, the entire PC hardware industry seem to have lost the first quarter of time to being responsible to their workers, their contractors and the immediate local populace. probably a good time to keep my mind off this side of the internet for a while, since everyone are cautiously trying to regain full manufacturing throughput again.


    expect the worst, but keep hopes to what we could all do within our immediate reach ,_,


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