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NVIDIA unveils a 360Hz refresh rate ASUS ROG Swift Monitor w/ G-Sync


  • NVIDIA unveils a 360Hz refresh rate ASUS ROG Swift Monitor w/ G-Sync


    NVIDIA today unveiled the ASUS ROG Swift 360, a monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate, making it "the world's fastest esports display." The Swift 360 is designed specifically for professional gaming and training. Besides the 360Hz headlining spec, the display measures 24.5 inches across and has a Full HD resolution (1920x1080). NVIDIA quotes a “tuned dynamic overdrive” with minimal ghosting and an advanced G-SYNC processing chip. And for those wondering, the panel is made by AU Optronics.


    A 360Hz refresh rate means game frames are displayed once every 2.8 milliseconds. With all of this happening under the hood, the Swift 360 supports smoother animations, lower latency and less ghosting than its predecessors, which tend to cap things between 120Hz and 240Hz. The Swift 360 is the first display to include NVIDIA's 360Hz G-Sync technology, but it surely won't be the last.


    Unfortunately, there’s not much else that ASUS or NVIDIA were willing to tell us about the ROG Swift 360, even though we got some hands-on time with the monitor. All we do know that is that it is well along in development and we should see it on store shelves before the year’s end. 


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    Not really sure what to make of this particular product, because I've only started experiencing 75Hz gaming for about two years. Therefore, I'm working on making my way up to 144-165Hz sometime soon, hopefully by Q3 of 2020. I know for me personally, the jump from 60Hz to 75Hz was undoubtedly noticeable. I'm expecting the jump to 144Hz or 165Hz to be supremely more appreciable.


    If you do watch the video, the pro Esports player (n0thing) reckons the jump from 240Hz to 360Hz (as he tests the display) is unmistakable in many scenarios; although, it could be plain advertising. We'll have to wait and see until it gets in the hands of reviewers and consumers to see if that remains accurate.


    There doesn't seem to be any information on pricing, but I do imagine a cheaper FreeSync variant might be available at some point too, though. 

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