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Left-Handed? Good news, this is for you! Help spread the word.


  • Left-Handed? Good news, this is for you! Help spread the word.

    Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan opened a Facebook group to get another Left-Handed Edition of the Razer Naga going.




    After extensive discussions internally, we've decided to pool together some additional funds to make an updated LH Naga for the community - For Gamers. By Gamers.

    This is something we will immediately be starting work on, and we will update this group in terms of the progress.

    However, every LH Naga we make - we lose money. Essentially, this is a loss-making endeavor and the reason why we're the ONLY company in the world to make LH gaming mice is because we want to do right by you guys. And the videos, posts (not the ones hating on me) that you guys made really were critical in making us arrive at this final decision.

    However, to avoid the situation where this happens again, we need you guys to give us ideas how we can get more sales for the LH Naga, ideas on getting the word out, ideas on how we can get the LH Naga as a sustainable product and not something we need to revisit every year. Otherwise, this will be the last LH Naga we will ever make.

    I'm not going to be CEO forever at Razer (I hope I will be but who knows) and the community team may change and the management will have different ideas. And the only way to continue sustaining LH Nagas is to make sure we at least break even and not lose crazy amounts of money.

    Again, please keep this confidential for now - but I would love to hear your ideas on how we can really get the word out and get more attention for the LH Naga when we launch so it won't be the last one that we make.

    For Gamers. By Gamers.

    Min - CEO Razer


    Razer also made a video about it: Official Razer Left-Handed Naga YouTube Video

    PC Gamer covered this story as well: PC Gamer

    Are you in need of a left-handed mouse, for gaming or any sort of productivity? Razer will have you covered, a 12 side button mouse made for us left-handed people.

    Sadly this will be the last attempt for Razer to deliver on a left-handed mouse, unless the demand gets way up. So please join the Left Handed Naga Group and declare your interest. Also tell your friends, or anyone really, the word needs to get around.

    There are 800 million left-handed people on this planet, more then enough to turn a profit, a lot of profit, but most left-handed people don't know that this product exists, so please help us spread the word.


    Please Join: Left Handed Naga Group





    PC Gamer

    Official Razer Left-Handed Naga YouTube Video

    Official LH Naga Campaign

    LH Naga Facebook Group, created by Razer

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