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Apple Blows All Competition With Update to 4S


  • Apple Blows All Competition With Update to 4S

    Urgent update for older iPhones before they lose vital functions



    It appears Apple pushing update for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, making the support for these phones around 8 and 7 years, being released in 2011 and 2012 respectively. But why?



    iPhone users still clinging to their seven-year-old iPhone 5 or eight-year-old iPhone 4S models need to update to the latest software this week, or risk losing access to GPS, email, iCloud, the App Store and other web services.


    The flaw is caused by a strange tech phenomenon called GPS Rollover, which happens approximately once every 20 years.


    The issue is caused by the way GPS technology keeps track of time.

    Thats interesting, I wonder if Android devices need an update too? (Theres a joke there somewhere with Android and Updates). So why is this update necessary and how does GPS Technology keep track of time?



    The system counts weeks using binary digits, which means it can only count up to a maximum of 1024 weeks.


    This means every 1024 weeks, or around 19.7 years, the counter rolls over, which can cause problems for programs and devices that rely on GPS for the correct date and time but haven't been coded correctly to account for the rollover.


    They could be fooled into displaying a date from 20 or 40 years ago, or just stop working all together.

    Thats quite interesting, however it should be noted that the 5 will need to update to iOS 10.3.4, and the 4S to iOS 9.3.6. So great that these are still supported, great for budged-minded people holding on to still-capable (not really) iPhones. 


    However older iPhones will not be updated, and iPad models with cellular connectivity up to the 4th generation, will also be depreciated. Which is fair enough as they are just hard to use now. So - as a reminder:



    Affected Apple devices will rollover shortly before midnight on Sunday, November 3 and need to be updated before then to avoid a time-consuming back up and restoration process using a separate computer.

    Make sure to update, there is probably an update for all Apple iDevices for this fix too.



    My Opinion:

    - Great work.  I'm sure these phones are probably hand-me-down to kids, and for people who bought them not too long ago on a budget. Excellent news that they are still able to be used to their full functionality after so long. 


    - I wonder if Android devices will be issuing a similar fix for phones that are older, maybe not 8 years but you know.

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