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Intel Core i9-10980XE Cascade Lake-X CPU Can Hit Lofty 5.1GHz Overclock Across All 18 Cores


  • Intel Core i9-10980XE Cascade Lake-X CPU Can Hit Lofty 5.1GHz Overclock Across All 18 Cores



    The flagship of the new Cascade Lake-X family is the Core i9-10980XE (say that three times fast), which is an 18-core/36-thread CPU. The processor has a base clock of 3GHz, a maximum Turbo Boost 2.0 clock of 4.6GHz, and an all-core turbo clock of 3.8GHz.


    However, Intel’s Mark Walton has confirmed that the processor has plenty of overclocking headroom to hit 5.1GHz with liquid cooling (instead more exotic liquid nitrogen setups).


    You can overclock the heck out of these and get some really interesting results,” said Walton to PCGamesN. “For example, we’ve had the 10980XE, the eighteen-core processor, up as high as 5.1GHz in the lab using standard liquid cooling. And that, is all cores.”


    However, Walton also cautioned that this result was obtained with a chip that in its testing labs and YMMV once you get a chip in your own rig. “Just to be clear on that, every chip is different, some chips will overclock better than others, but it is possible,” he added.





    If any of this is even remotely true (within +/- 300MHz), this will really shake up the CPU marketplace yet again. Because if the 18-core parts are allowing these insane all-core overclocks. In theory, less cores often means better overclocks. Translating to these Cascade Lake-X parts actually being worthy competitors to Zen 2 (3000-series). 


    The 10920x displayed more than satisfactory performance against the 2920x, according to a leaked benchmark:





    While this is a 2nd Gen Ryzen part in the above chart, here is 3rd Gen Ryzen (3900x) performing only slightly better than the 10920x (3% better):

     @ 4.10GHz


    There is also another 3900x entry showing a 12% better score:

     @ 4.29GHz


    So I guess we will have to wait and see if leaked benches with these Cascade Lake-X parts with an overclock appear, to do a better comparison. As the chart above the 10920x is @ 3.8GHz. We could extrapolate performance, but I doubt performance scales linearly in Geekbench with overclocks.


    EDIT: Did some quick maths: In the WCCFTech chart the 10920x's score is 44,046 @ 3.8GHz (Supposedly). Meaning @ 4.1GHz it would score around a 47,550 and @ 4.3GHz it would score a 49,800. This is looking really good for Intel, because they are claiming 4.5GHz + overclocks with these parts.

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