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AMD officially announces RX 5500 series, obliterates GTX 1650


  • AMD officially announces RX 5500 series, obliterates GTX 1650



    VideoCardz is reporting that AMD is to announce the RX 5500 series as expected today, October 7th (I wonder why..).



    They are apparently announcing 3 SKU's:


    The RX 5500 series will feature three SKUs: the RX 5500M, RX 5500 and RX 5500 XT

    The RX 5500M has 4gb (Not confirmed whether GDDR5 or GDDR6 though), while the 5500 non-XT has 4gb GDDR6, and the 5500XT has 8gb GDDR6. There were rumors of a 3gb card, but it looks like those were untrue if this is anything to go by.


    They also suggest that this card competes against the lower-end Polaris and Turing cards:


    Throughout the presentation, AMD compares its new graphics card to Radeon RX 480 and GeForce GTX 1650. The RX 5500 is meant to be better than both.

    I find this very very interesting. Is this a hint at the pricing? They couldn't, could they? If they price this alongside the 1650, WOW. I don't think any of us would have expected that.


    VideoCardz has also leaked the performance slides AMD is going to show (no resolution, but I assume it's 1080p in some form):



    That is some serious butt-whooping going on there. This is far ahead of the RX 570, which is about on par with the 480. It may well be that AMD can deliver what people wanted, a true RX 570 replacement. I'd imagine these numbers would put it around the 1660 performance. That is nearly 20% faster overall than the RX 480 there, while apparently being 1.6X the performance per watt, and well..I'm not even going to bother calculating the difference over the 1650 cause that is a huge gap.


    And by the way, the 5500 isn't the only one beating the 1650. The 5500M (Assuming that means a mobile part) is beating the full 1650 as well, despite being pitted against the 1650 mobile part. Now it remains to be seen: How are Nvidia going to respond to this? AMD have responded to a 1650 Super, they've countered that without it even being launched yet.


    If they price the 5500 at $150, then..the RX 570 successor has finally arrived. There's a new king in town. Budget buyers finally have something worth buying.



    Navi will also appear in laptops too! The 5500M will appear in a number of laptops, including MSI's Alpha 15 for $999:,40558.html


    No official pricing details yet or release date however for the desktop parts. Also..there are no reference designs. All custom.


    You also get a free game with these cards. Either Ghost Recon Breakpoint or Borderlands 3! And Wccftech are reporting (grains of salt, not official) that the 5500 will launch at $130 and 5500XT at $150. Power consumption has also been revealed by AMD at 110w TBP for the 5500.

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